The 15 Funniest Superhero Deaths

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Death is a serious thing. You don’t need us to tell you that. However, superherodeath is a different matter. It is also often treated very seriously in comics when it occurs, but at the same time, it happens so much and gets overturned so frequently that it is difficult to really take too seriously. As a result, a number of writers over the years have taken to putting a bit of a comedic spin on the concept of superhero death. It is not so much making fun of death itself, but rather of the ridiculous tropes that accompany it.

One writer, in particular, Garth Ennis, has never really been a fan of superheroes and as a result, he often enjoys mocking the sillier aspects of superhero life in his work. So, expect to see a lot of Ennis-written examples to show up on this list (we actually had to restrict ourselves a bit on how many examples we would use from Ennis’ two main superhero mocking series, Hitman and The Boys). Here, then, are the 15 funniest superhero deaths, ranked from least amusing to most hilarious.


In 2002, Weapon X was reformed under a mysterious Director and his point man, Agent Brett Jackson. They recruited mutants to work for them and in exchange, they fixed some of the problems that those mutants were having with their powers, like making Marrow no longer have to pull bones out of her body. They ended up cutting a deal with Deadpool where they would increase his healing powers and get rid of his skin tumors.

However, after he was assigned to kill his ex-girlfriend, Vanessa, Deadpool turned on the group. They then activated their fail-safe and began to basically turn him into goo. He kept fighting though (in one gross scene, he shoved some of his own goo into Sabretooth’s mouth) and died insulting Brett Jackson’s (admittedly quite lame) outfit. As he finally died, his last act was to give the director the finger. He then regenerated soon after.

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