The 15 Greatest Evil Versions Of Superheroes

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In the early days of the Fantastic Four, while Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created an amazing villain with Doctor Doom, otherwise the Fantastic Four had slim pickings in terms of recurring villains. The Red Ghost fought them a couple of times, but for the most part, it was Doom or bust. That changed with the introduction of the Frightful Four in “Fantastic Four” #36. The team consisted of the Wizard (the Mister Fantastic equivalent), Medusa (the Invisible Girl equivalent), Sandman and Paste Pot Pete (debatable as to who each of those guys were supposed to be the counterparts to, Human Torch or Thing). The Sandman was a particularly interesting addition to the team, because up until that point he had been a Spider-Man villain.

You could tell that Lee and Kirby liked the Frightful Four because they used them an amazing amount of times in a very short period. However, once they decided to make Medusa a member of the Inhumans and a hero, the team has never quite been the same since. For a while, though, they (together) were the Fantastic Four’s #2 villain.


Even before he began to work with artist Chris Samnee on a long and incredible run on “Daredevil” together, writer Mark Waid had been putting in hints about a mystery villain who was trying to ruin Daredevil’s life. One of the ways that this mysterious bad guy figured out how to mess with Daredevil was to test out the same radioactive chemicals that gave Daredevil his powers on homeless guys. Finally, the mysterious mastermind (who turned out to be a paralyzed Bullseye, having only his brain to fight with — which turned out to be just as deadly as every other part of his body) unleashed Ikari on Daredevil.

Decked out in a variation of Daredevil’s original costume, Ikari handled Daredevil well, causing The Man Without Fear to try a gambit he thought would work based on Ikari being new to his powers. However, Ikari then shocked Daredevil by revealing that he could see! The experiment had given him Daredevil’s radar sense but had not taken away his eyesight! It was a total game-changer.

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