The 15 Greatest Last Stands In Comics

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No one is getting out of this alive. You are facing overwhelming odds. Hope is all you have left, but this is not the end. Nay, this is your last stand. You’ve still got one more fight scene left in you, and you’re going to make them pay for every second of it. Whether you’ve just listened to Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing,” or you’re still jazzed up from watching “Logan,” these 15 final fights should keep you satisfied.

To clarify, these don’t literally have to be last stands — the events in question do not need to take place at the end of a series or a character’s life for that matter. Some of these characters actually make it out of these encounters. Also we aren’t going to count “X3: The Last Stand,” because we’re not basic.


In The New 52’s “Earth 2” #1 (2012) by James Robinson, Nicola Scott and Trevor Scott, Earth 2 has been taken over by endless hordes of Parademons. Led by Steppenwolf, these Parademons’ Boom Tube technology has allowed them to easily enslave the planet. Batman has one final plan: a computer virus that will destroy every Parademon beacon tower across Earth 2, and with it the energy supply and instructions of every Parademon. If Batman can get close enough to upload the virus, it would end the war. Superman and Wonder Woman try to buy Batman some time with Kryptonian tooth and Amazonian nail, killing as many Parademons as they can. The problem is that for every wave of Parademons the two heroes destroy, another squadron can just teleport in from Apokolips, making this an impossible fight.

Two members of the JLA aren’t enough, however, as Steppenwolf manages to get the drop on Wonder Woman. Parademons swarm Superman, self-detonating and turning the Man of Steel into ash. Batman successfully uploads the virus, only to reveal that the towers’ fail-safe mechanism is in reality a self-destruct mechanism — his plan a suicide run all along.

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