The 15 Greatest Last Stands In Comics

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After Wolverine got his adamantium all up in the fabric of space-time in “Age of Ultron,” the Marvel multiverse essentially begins to collapse in upon itself, with tears in reality opening up all across the multiverse. The 616 Universe gets Angela from the Image Universe, while the Ultimate Universe gets the purple planet eater, Galactus. It’s curtain call for the Ultimate Universe, so everybody gets a chance to go out as loud and noisy as possible. The clock is ticking as Galactus builds his world-eating machine, so the Ultimates are willing to sacrifice everything just to buy their universe more time: Cap headshots a quinjet right into the hungry Galactus’ mouth. Susan Storm gets to Force choke Reed Richards, while Kitty Pryde gets a suicide run as a proverbial giant space bullet, punching Galactus right in the face.

Destroying the super-serious (but with vampires?) modern/edgy Ultimate Universe with a classic Jack Kirby designed gigantic guy in a purple Kermit helmet is just the perfect ironic twist. Oh, Ultimate Universe, for all of your incestuous mutants and cannibal Blobs, you were undone by your lack of an Ultimate Nullifier, or some sort of 616 Nullifier.


While “Death of Wolverine” had a ton of great scenes, we’ve got to give the nod to Logan’s henchman war. When a bounty is placed on his head, a de-powered Logan speeds the plot along by literally leaving a map with directions and instructions to “COME AND GET ME YOU COWARDS.” We only get to see Nuke’s shot at taking down a Wolverine without a healing factor, but judging from the corpses of the henchmen representing a plethora of organizations sprinkling Logan’s combination home/kill-zone, we know a henchman massacre too brutal for comics took place here.

This was actually Logan’s attempt at reducing collateral damage. The bounty was to bring Logan in alive, with a twist. The more time goes on, the lower the bounty gets, so it’s a race to see who can run into a set of adamantium claws first. Honestly, we could go for a complete miniseries of just Logan fighting henchmen on this island forever.

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