The 15 Most Over The Top Deaths In Comics

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Overkill comes in many forms. Sometimes, characters in question are just notoriously hard to kill, thus necessitating an excessive execution. Sometimes, you just have to give a character the full clip, chuck your empty weapon at them, feed their body to an alligator, feed that alligator to a shark, feed that shark to a bear, then jettison that bear backwards in time to the happiest day of that character’s life — because they totally had it coming. No matter the reason, whether you’re hiding from Jason Voorhees, tweaking out on some high-quality War Boy chrome, or just poured a Red Bull into a goblet forged out of the face-bones of your enemies, you’re well aware that there is no kill like overkill.

Entries on this listicle are sporadically ranked based on the relative amount of overkill utilized, as well as the overall theatricality of the overkill in question. Unfortunately, we’re focusing solely on comics, so that one guy from Game of Thrones who went flying over The Wall when hit by a Giant Arrow does not qualify. Otherwise, throw on “Rasputin” by Boney M., because we’re here to satisfy that bacchanal bloodlust with 15 of the most gloriously over the top and intricate instances of comics overloaded with overkill.


True to the legend, Hellboy’s incarnation of Rasputin is notoriously hard to kill in “Hellboy: Seed of Destruction” by Mike Mignola and John Bryne. Murdering a Russian mystic proves to be a team-building experience, as everyone gets to lend a hand. First, Abe Sapien nails Rasputin right through the pentagram with a harpoon. Next, pyrokinetic Liz Sherman torches Rasputin’s crib, Cavendish Hall, setting the ancient wizard ablaze. Rasputin still finds the energy to taunt Hellboy that he will never learn about his true past. Hellboy is all whatever about it, crushing Rasputin’s burning skull with The Right Hand of Doom.

Death isn’t the end for Rasputin, as his ghost lives on to annoy Hellboy. Funny enough, the only mark that Rasputin bears from his death is a flaming hole in his chest, a constant reminder of that one awesome time he got harpooned by a gentleman merman.

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