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Valiant Entertainment recently announced a slew of exciting new titles scheduled to hit comic book stores in the back half of 2018. They titled the new wave ‘Valiant Beyond’ and each groundbreaking series has a dynamic creative team attached to a popular character. Fans are sure to lap up Faith: Dreamside by Jody Houser and MJ Kim, Bloodshot Rising Spirit by Lonnie Nadler, Zac Thompson and Ken Lashley, Livewire by Vita Ayala, Raul Allen and Patricia Martin, and Incursion by Andy Diggle and Doug Braithwaite. This was just the latest piece of awesome news to come out of Valiant, who have been consistently producing brilliant comics since their big relaunch in 2012. They offer up a genuine alternative to Marvel and DC’s superhero comics, and the sales and fan investment in the publisher has only grown over the last six years. Fans will soon get to see some Valiant characters on the big screen, as there are movies in development based on the characters Bloodshot and Harbinger. It’s an exciting time to be a Valiant fan.

In this article we’re going to look at 20 characters from across Valiant’s titles who are, let’s say, heavily inspired by recognizable characters from the Marvel and DC Universes. It’s not intended to be a slight on Valiant or their characters in any way — similarities exist between characters in Marvel and DC’s own stables, after all, so it’s nothing new. We simply intend to shine a light on the elements of the Valiant Universe that might make a fan think of a corresponding character from ‘The Big Two’. Nothing in this life is completely original, right?


Bloodshot, arguably Valiant’s most iconic character, is soon to appear in a big budget movie starring Vin Diesel. He’s a great choice to play the modern version of the character, a former soldier named Ray Garrison who became a super soldier with special nanites in his blood that gave him a variety of powers.

The nanites enabled Bloodshot to recover from any physical trauma, making him a one-man weapon built for destruction. However, after discovering that he had been brainwashed by implanted identities and false memories, he set off on a path of self-discovery. And if that description doesn’t sound like a nifty mix of Captain America and Wolverine, we don’t know what does.


In the Valiant Universe, Harbingers are also known as Psiots. They are a race of evolved superhumans which psionic powers, which can include telepathy, telekinesis, mind-control, flight and pyro-telekinesis. Most of the Harbingers we follow in the comics are teenage outcasts forced to go on the run from the authorities.

They also encounter an older, more experienced psiot who runs the Harbinger Foundation, which seeks to recruit and train others with psionic abilities. Teenage outcasts with strange powers who are feared by normal humans and the police? A philanthropic man who runs a facility that offers them a sense of family and control over their powers? That’s the X-Men in a nutshell.

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