X-Force 20 Powerful Members Ranked From Weakest To Strongest

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First appearing in the pages of New Mutants #100 back in April of 1991, X-Force has remained something of a mainstay in Marvel Comics ever since the team’s inception. Formed by the powerful, time-travelling mutant Cable, the team’s primary purpose is to protect mutantkind by any means necessary, trading in the idealistic morals of teams like the X-Men in favor of a more lethal, incisive approach. Consisting of some of Marvel’s more morally flexible characters, the team has no qualms with killing for the greater good, frequently operating over the heads of the X-Men as a black ops unit that can change the course of mutant history without anyone even knowing they were involved.

Given the inherently aggressive nature of X-Force, it seems fitting that the team is set to make their big screen debut in the ultra-violent Deadpool 2, with the movie introducing several of the team’s recurring members including Cable, Domino and Bedlam. X-Force has played host to an impressive line-up of diversely powered characters over the years, from world-class assassins to powerful sorcerers, with the team showcasing some of Marvel’s most underappreciated heavy hitters. In the spirit of that, we’ve ranked the various members of X-Force from weakest to most powerful.


One of the few X-Force team members confirmed to be appearing in Deadpool 2, Bedlam — played by Terry Crews in the movie — is one of the more obscure members of the team. Able to detect and identify various forms of energy, Bedlam’s mutant ability allows him to emit an electromagnetic field that can disrupt, interfere with, or straight-up fry electrical equipment, making him a walking, talking EMP device.

Bedlam can also use this ability to influence chemical reactions and neurons in the human brain, giving him the ability to cause fatigue, confusion, pain and other states in his enemies. In addition to all of this, Bedlam is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, having both the memories of a karate black belt and extensive training from the likes of Domino.


Born Julio Esteban Richter, Rictor is a mutant with the ability to control and create seismic energy on both a small and large scale. Able to destroy small objects by inducing powerful vibrations inside of them, Rictor is also capable of much more destructive feats, able to use his power on a scale large enough to create earthquakes and disturb tectonic plates.

Despite his potential however, Rictor’s control of his mutant ability leaves a lot to be desired, with the hero reluctant to use his powers in unstable areas out of fear he’ll unwillingly cause massive destruction. Regardless, there’s no denying the raw power of Rictor’s abilities — so much so that they even seem to grant him an empathic bond with the Earth itself.

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