Young Justice 15 Members Ranked From Weakest To Most Powerful

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Though they are no Justice League, the members of the covert team that stars in Young Justice are quite the formidable group. Trained by the finest crimefighters the world has on offer, the ever-evolving squad of young heroes continues to prove themselves in missions and away from the field. They are impressive as a team, especially when everyone is working together well and in sync. This not only contributes to the quality of the acclaimed series. It also greatly benefits the characters as individuals since they learn from each other, applying that know-how to combat situations when necessary. Taking this into account, their strengths and weakness as individuals are a significant facet of the team as a whole.

The following list will rank the most notable of Young Justice members from the weakest to the most powerful. Only official members of the team, past and present, are being taken into consideration. In addition, when ranking each character, only the powers and abilities they possess on the show are applicable. For the members who do not have superpowers, judgement will be focused primarily on their combat and/or intellectual prowess. Here are 15 members of Young Justice, ranked from the least powerful to the most formidable.


Mal Duncan as Guardian is an interesting asset to the team. Initially acting as director of the team’s mission control, Mal doesn’t spring into action because he’s recruited to fight crime. Rather, his involvement in the combat side of things rests on his own desire to help when the team is in need of assistance.

Without superpowers or formal training akin to the Robins or Artemis, Guardian essentially learns as he goes. Training from Black Canary and working closely with his fellow teammates are beneficial to Mal’s growth as a combatant. To go along with his hand-to-hand abilities, Guardian dons Jim Harper’s old suit and gold shield. No special gadgetry of note, such as a batarang or other weapons, aid him in combat. Therefore, while he’s certainly not powerful in the superhero sense, Mal is pretty impressive on his own merit.

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